BEtarget: a quick guide-RNA designer for base editing by CRISPR CBE and ABE

  PAM type:
   * Or define your own PAM:
PAM sequence:
PAM position:
Target site length (nt):

  Base editing type: A to G
  Base editing window:

  Target (reference) genome:
    * If the reference genome sequence is not available, you can select a close relative species or "None".

Sequence submission
You can use the supporting tool (GeneCat, to obtain the fully genomic sequence and CDS of your target gene.
If the genomic sequence and coding sequence (CDS) of your target gene is submited, the target gene is based on this sequence, and the gene ID is not needed.
Please enter the genomic sequence of your target gene (<10kb). See example.
Please enter the CDS sequence of your target gene (<10kb). See example.
Input your target gene ID of the selected reference genome
(If a gene ID is submited, candidate targets are based on the reference genome, and the above sequence submission is not needed.)
Gene locus:
eg: Os01g0104000 or LOC_Os01g01410

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