BEtarget: a quick guide-RNA designer for base editing by CRISPR CBE and ABE

  PAM type:
   * Or define your own PAM:
PAM sequence:
PAM position:
Target site length (nt):

  Base editing type: C to TA to G
  Base editing window:

  Target (reference) genome:
    * If the reference genome sequence is not available, you can select a close relative species or "None".

Sequence submission
Input type:
Full genomic sequence with corresponding intact CDS of the target gene.
A partial sequence of the target gene, either genomic or coding sequence.
Gene locus ID of the selected reference genome.
Please enter the genomic sequence of your target gene (<10kb). See example.
Please enter the CDS sequence of your target gene (<10kb). See example.
Please enter a fragment sequence (genomic or CDS, >100bp) of your target gene. See example.
Input your target gene ID of the selected reference genome
(If a gene ID is submited, candidate targets are based on the reference genome, and the above sequence submission is not needed.)
Gene locus:
eg: Os01g0104000 or LOC_Os01g01410
Check the gene structure (if selected, the program will jump to check page for checking the position coordinations of the target gene)

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