seqDownload: a convenient tool to download genomic sequences containing given markers or genes from reference genomes.

Step1 - select the reference genome
  The reference genome:
    * If the reference genome sequence is not available, you can select a close relative species.

Step2 - input a gene locus, or a marker sequence, or sequence position, or a pair of primer sequences
Please input your gene locus ID:
  eg: Os01g0131300 or LOC_Os01g04010
Or enter your marker sequence (=>35 bp). example
Or enter position. example
Or input your primer sequence: example
  Forward primer:   * (=>17 nt)
  Reverse primer:   * (=>17 nt)

Step3 - flanking sequence setting
Set the upstream and downstream length
  5' flanking sequence (upstream): bp   * (0--200000 bp)
  3' flanking sequence (downstream): bp   * (0--200000 bp)


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