primerDesign-A: automatically design specific PCR primers to amplify the genomic DNA containing the target sites

Step1 - select the target genome
  Target (reference) genome:
    * If the reference genome sequence is not available, you can select a close relative species or "None".

Step2 - PCR template
Please enter the PCR template sequence containing the target site(s). example
Or input your gene locus ID:

Step3 - target site/marker setting
Please enter your target (20-24 nt) or marker (15-30 nt) sequences and the position of primers
* If your amplicon contains two or more target sites, please input the first and the last target site sequence

  First target/marker sequence:
  Last target/marker sequence:

    Min     Max
  Forward primer position (upstream of first target):
  Reverse primer position (downstream of last target):


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